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Excel® 2007 Just the StepsTM For Dummies®

Автор: Diane Koers
Год: 2007
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 240
ISBN: 9780470039212
Just the steps you need to create spreadsheets, charts, and more Simple steps... ...for great results Create a Basic Chart 1.Select the data (sequential or nonsequential) you want to plot in the chart. See Figure 11–1 for an example of sequential data selected for a chart. 2.Press the F11 key. Excel immediately adds a new sheet called Chart 1 to your workbook with the data plotted into a column chart. Figure 11–2 shows you the various elements that can make up a chart Some newer keyboards use a different function for the F11 key. If your F11 key does not produce a chart, use the Insert tab as explained in the next section. Title: A descriptive name for the overall chart. By default, titles are not added in a basic chart. X or Category axis: Column or row headings from your selected data, which Excel uses for Category axis names. X Axis Title: A descriptive name for the Category axis. By default, a category label is not added in a...
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