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The Essential Writings of Dr Edward Bach

Автор: Edward Bach
Год: 2009
Издание: Vermilion
Страниц: 122
ISBN: 9780091906726
Written in Dr Edward Bach's own words, this book contains two short works that are essential reading for anyone interested in the Bach Flower Remedies. The Twelve Healers introduces Dr Bach's world-renowned remedies, which provide a system for healing the mental and spiritual anguish at the root of ill health and unhappiness. The 38 remedies are grouped in seven helpful categories and advice is given on the types of personality most likely to benefit from each remedy. In Heal Thyself, Dr Bach explains the philosophy that underpins any practical work with the remedies. He looks at the real cause and cure of disease, and gives practical as well as spiritual guidance on how we can all help to heal ourselves.
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