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Essential LightWave v9: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Master LightWave 3D (+ DVD-ROM)

Автор: Steve Warner, Kevin Phillips, Timothy Albee
Год: 2007
Издание: Wordware Publishing, Inc.
Страниц: 992
ISBN: 1598220241
"Essential LightWave v9" offers an unparalleled guide to LightWave 3D. Written to help users quickly take control of the software, this book is filled with easy-to-understand explanations, time-saving tips and tricks, and detailed tutorials on nearly every aspect of the software, including the new features in LightWave v9.2! Key features of this book: Learn to model, light, surface, animate, and render within the first seven chapters! Master the LightWave v9 Node Editor for advanced surfacing, texturing, and deformations. Learn to model with polygons, Catmull-Clark/Subpatch SubDs, and splines. Uncover the secrets of distortion-free U V mapping and high-quality texturing. Learn to seamlessly composite 3D objects with real-world images. Create professional-quality character animation using FK, IK, and IK Booster. Enhance your animations with expressions, particle effects, and dynamics. ...
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