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Enthusia(TM) Professional Racing Official Strategy Guide (Osg - Official Strategy Guide)

Автор: Doug Walsh
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 144
ISBN: 0744005124
Book Description BradyGames' Enthusia Professional Racing Official Strategy Guide includes the following: TOP-NOTCH RACING SCHOOL – We teach you winning driving techniques—take the fastest line through every turn! Learn the ins and outs of car settings, drivetrain configurations, and the Visual Gravity System! ALL 211 CARS – Kick the tires of every car in the game, from street-legal runabouts to full-on Le Mans champions! Our Showroom gives your comprehensive specs for every vehicle! COMPLETE COURSE DIRECTORY – We diagram every track, complete with racing lines, acceleration and braking points, and expert commentary to lead you through the most...
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