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Enterprise 4: Intermediate: Coursebook

Автор: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley
Год: 2008
Издание: Express Publishing
Страниц: 196
ISBN: 9781842168219
"Enterprise 4: Intermediate" is the fourth of a four-level English course It consists of four modules and is specially designed to motivate and involve students in effective learning. The course provide; systematic preparation for all the skills required for successfu communication both in written and spoken form. Key Features: Extensive practice of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills Reading Sections consisting of cross-cultural topics that stimulate students' interest; Vocabulary Practice Sections which help students understand and use the vocabulary in the reading text; Language Development Sections which build up students' knowledge of the topics under discussion through a variety of tasks; Grammar/Use of English Sections which thoroughly revise the major grammar areas; Listening and Speaking Tasks Sections which motivate students to understand and use the language successfully; Writing Sections which present useful writing...
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