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Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas

Автор: C. J. van Gelderen, D. M. van Gelderen
Год: 2004
Издание: Timber Press
Страниц: 280
ISBN: 0881926221
Famed for their durability, beauty, and diversity, hydrangeas are enjoying a renaissance in today's gardens. These classic garden shrubs provide bold color - from pink to purple, blue to white - in midsummer to midautumn, when few other plants are in bloom. Many hundreds of dramatic species, hybrids, and horticultural selections are available to the enthusiast to fill every possible niche in the garden. For the first time, a thorough encyclopedia shows in full color the range of flowering treasures available. With complete information on cultivation, propagation, and pests and diseases, Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas promises to help every discerning gardener ensure planting success. Lavishly illustrated with approximately 800 photographs, the concise descriptions present more than 1000 hydrangea species, subspecies, varieties, and cultivars. All types of hydrangeas are included, from blousy mopheads to delicate lacecaps, from oakleafs to climbers. The very latest horticultural and...
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