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Empty Halls

Автор: Angela Washington
Год: 2011

Страниц: 272
ISBN: 1456362593
Empty Halls deals with high school adolescents, and particularly that of the two main characters Susan Spencer and Tommy Morphy. Susan and Tommy represent a dichotomy. They view the world from different perspectives. Each indirectly impacts the other without their lives ever really touching. Susan is a feminine traditionalist--moderately dependent and somewhat needy. However, she is equal to the stresses of her world. Tommy is the paradigm of a disconcerted, unconventional male. Not terribly egotistical or macho and unfamiliar with life outside of a small southern town, eventually Tommy's diminished self-esteem leads him down a path of self-destruction. Tommy selectively avoids or escapes reality. Duval County, Florida is a microcosm for the characters. This miniature world erupts as Susan Spencer and Tommy Morphy collide , setting off a sudden and unparalleled explosion. Before there was a Columbine or a Virginia Tech, discover in this powerful and riveting...
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