Тренерское мастерство (теория и методика обучения)

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Emotional Maturity in Sports

Автор: Baljinder Singh,Harmanjot Singh and Manjit Singh
Год: 2014
Издание: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 92
ISBN: 9783659629211
Many studies have shown the gender difference in emotional maturity in college students. Aleen & Sheema suggested that female students were less emotionally stable as compared to male students. Males are more social as they have more social interaction, more stable as they face more challenges in their lives, feeling more independent which enabled them to become more emotionally stable and led them to perform better on emotional maturity as compared to their female counterparts. However, Boyd and Huffman in which they revealed that females were more emotionally mature than males in the same age group. Subbarayan and Visvanathan in their study on emotional maturity among college students revealed that the emotional maturity of college students is extremely unstable. Stephen examined the neuroticism and emotional maturity among college female students and found that the individuals who scored higher neuroticism were having a low level of emotional maturity.
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