Тренерское мастерство (теория и методика обучения)

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Effectiveness of Physical Education Programme

Автор: Roselyne Odiango,Edwin Wamukoya and Njororai Simiyu
Год: 2012
Издание: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 112
ISBN: 9783846557006
In this study, the health-related fitness levels of the persons with physical disabilities who participated in an eight-week physical education programme were measured using the project UNIQUE physical fitness test battery of Winnick and Short (1985). The sample comprised 18 boys and girls from classes five, six and seven. Out of the 34 subjects initially sampled for the study 3 did not complete all the tests due to sickness. Data was therefore analysed for 31 subjects i.e. 17 boys and 14 girls for consistency (N = 31). Pre-test and post-test design was used in this study. A pre test was carried out two weeks after opening the school and a post-test eight weeks later at the end of the treatment period. The data collected was descriptively analysed and one-way ANOVA was computed to determine the significance of difference between pre and post-test means of the dependent variables under investigation by gender and across the ages. The null hypotheses were rejected at p > 0.05...
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