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Effective Executive's Guide to Project 2000

Автор: Stephen L. Nelson, Pat Coleman, Kaarin Dolliver
Год: [не указано]
Издание: Redmond Technology Press
Страниц: 276
ISBN: 0967298113
Microsoft Project 2000 is a program used by project managers to organize and outline plans to efficiently complete projects. Written specifically for busy managers and executives, this book shows how to schedule tasks, identify and assign resources, present projects, and troubleshoot problems using Project 2000 without having to learn every nuance and special feature of the program. An eight-step process highlighting the fundamentals of Project 2000 offers advice for organizing, implementing, and finishing pressing projects. Real-world solutions for dealing with practical problems such as scheduling uncertainty, project complexity, and cost monitoring are also included in three appendices filled with troubleshooting tips for the busy professional.
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