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Effective Executive's Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

Автор: Stephen L. Nelson, Michael Bushmohl, Michael Buschmohle
Год: [не указано]
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 1931150001
Information and insights into how to maximize PowerPoint's capabilities to create outstanding and effective presentations are provided in this business user's reference for PowerPoint 2002. Instead of covering every utility that the software offers, thisguide assumes that the user is not looking to become a PowerPoint expert, but wants to use its features for specific presentations. Seven steps first address the fundamentals of a presentation, such as logic, content, and appearance, and then provide thepolish needed to perfect them. Also included are discussions on special effects, such as animation, sound, and video, and the preparation and delivery of the presentation.
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