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Effective awk Programming

Автор: Arnold Robbins
Год: 2001
Издание: O'Reilly Media
Страниц: 452
ISBN: 9780596000707
EFFECTIVE AWK PROGRAMMING unleashes the capabilities of awk, a longtime part of the Unix programmer's toolkit. This book shows you that awk can be easy to learn and that programs written in awk are easier to write and read than traditional С programs. Arnold Robbins explains how to perform sophisticated text processing and report generation, including powerful regular expression matching and text substitution facilities, associative arrays, and user-defined functions. EFFECTIVE AWK PROGRAMMING provides complete coverage of the POSIX awk language and also serves as the Free Software Foundation's User's Guide for GNU awk (gawk) 3.1. This book provides in-depth coverage of awk and gawk 3.1, including: The most up-to-date and complete coverage of the POSIX standard for awk; Clear delineation of standard language features from gawk extensions; TCP/IP networking with gawk; Execution profiling of awk programs; ...
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