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Economic Principles for Education: Theory and Evidence

Автор: C. R. Belfield, Clive R. Belfield
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ISBN: 1840644443
Education has become an increasingly important activity within all economies; from pre-school groups through to continuing education and retraining, the accumulation of skills spans a lifetime. Economic Principles for Education looks at all the major areas of economics, applying them to education. Human capital theory is discussed and evidence on rates of return and the benefits of training is presented. The demand for education is described, with an assessment of how pervasive wealth effects are in education systems. The author discusses the efficiency of education providers, including teacher supply, and identifies the optimal rules for teacher deployment. Education markets, the role of governments and the macro-economics of education are all considered along with the key social benefits of education. Using evidence from a range of countries, but particularly the UK and the US, Clive Belfield provides an appreciation of the depth and breadth of the literature of the economic...
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