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Eat This! 1,001 Things to Eat Before You Diet

Автор: Ian Jackman
Год: 2007
Издание: Harper Paperbacks
Страниц: 448
ISBN: 0060885904
Ian Jackman believes that life is too short to deny yourself our nation's true culinary treasures. Guided by food experts throughout the land, he travels from east to west-from small town to big city-uncovering local treats, guilty pleasures, and some oddities that no true food lover should miss. From lobster rolls and buffalo meat to banana cream pies and clam stuffies, Jackman finds the sinful temptations your taste buds crave-and he writes about them in a way that's certain to get any confirmed foodie salivating! Where you can find the very best burgers in America. 21 varieties of apples you must try. Lamb fries-eat or avoid? The country's primo pizza parlors. And more! Escape the guilt and anxiety propagated by our puritanical, diet-obsessed society and indulge yourself with Eat This!
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