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E-Commerce Usability

Автор: David Travis
Год: 2002
Издание: CRC Press
Страниц: 128
ISBN: 0415258340
Top performing dotcoms share a common feature. It isn't a new software plug-in or a design gadget or any other piece of technology. These sites share a passionate focus on usability. This guide is designed for software developers, project managers, business analysts and user interface designers, and does not require a background in human factors or usability. It presents a practical, structured, customer-centered design method that encourages innovation yet helps you make sure your final design is still easy to use. It assumes that people will always choose a simple way of achieving their goals over a complex way; it therefore focuses on the customers and explains how to design e-commerce sites that ordinary people can use. The book begins by helping identify target customers and expected business benefits, showing how to collect the data needed to define the customer experience. It shows how to use test results to decide when the site is ready to "go live". The book provides a...
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