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Dynamic Leader Adaptive Organization: Ten Essential Traits for Managers

Автор: Larraine Segil
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0471028304
Acclaim for Segil?s Ten Revolutionary Traits "Larraine?s thought leadership in alliances has added great value to our relationships at Compaq. Now she has created something new in the overcrowded field of leadership advice. What differentiates Larraine?s insights is that whatever she recommends, she has done herself. This book shows how to stop repeating the mistakes of the past while clearing the path for an energetic and results-oriented future." ?Jeff Clarke, CFO and Senior Vice President Finance and Administration, Compaq Computer Corporation "Attracting and retaining great people means giving them a place to grow and reach their dreams. Every CEO strives to achieve this goal. New ways to make it happen were scarce. Until now: Larraine Segil?s formula will accelerate the desired results. Larraine knows her stuff in the area of alliances and has provided great value over many years to the senior executives of Butler...
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