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Dittersdorf. 3 Sonate per violino e basso continuo (pianoforte)

Автор: Carl Ditter von Dittersdorf
Год: 1984
Издание: Editio Musica Budapest
Страниц: 40
ISBN: [не указан]
The present is a practical edition of three sonatas (G major, F major and В flat major) for violin and piano by Dittersdorf. It is based on manuscript copies of the parts (and to a lasser extent of the score) owned by the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna. In the source material, the following inscription appears on the title-page of all three sonatas: Sonata a Violino Solo e Basso Del Sig[no]re Carlo de Dittersdorf. These works are violin sonatas with continuo accompaniment, that is to say, the composer left to the performer to realise the right hand chords of the piano (or harpsichord). In agreement with the practice of those days the bass could be supported by a melodic instrument, such as the cello. That performers of the works during Dittersdorf s lifetime made use of this possibility is confirmed by a notational peculiarity of the source: The copyist wrote the slow movements of all three sonatas - in contrast to the quick and variation movements - not as individual...
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