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Discovering Your Soul Mission: How to Use Karmic Astrology to Create the Life You Want

Автор: Linda Brady, Evan St. Lifer
Год: 1998
Издание: Three Rivers Press
Страниц: 288
ISBN: 0609803603
Among the many astrology-based books published each year, this title offers a rare, fresh approach to finding one's purpose on earth. Holistic educator Brady is the wold-renowned founder of the International Center for Creative Choices in Baltimore. With coauthor St. Lifer, an editor at Library Journal, she has created a fascinating approach to understanding one's personal psychology through practical use of planetary influences. Readers can consult included charts to determine their soul pattern and soul potential. How the placement of planets such as Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and Neptune influence our life potentials is explained in reader-friendly terms. Though skeptics of astrology will quickly dismiss the basic premises of Brady's philosophy, those whose minds are open to alternative roads to self-understanding will both enjoy and benefit from this book. Its ideas are fun and thought-provoking, and it should be added to all library collections with astrology, New Age, and self-help...
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