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Direct Taxation in Relation to the Freedom of Establishment and the Free Movement of Capital (Eucotax Series on European Taxation)

Автор: Matthias Dahlberg
Год: 2005
Издание: Aspen Publishers
Страниц: 384
ISBN: 9041123636
Direct taxation is considered as an area within the almost exclusive competence of the individual Member States of the European Union. Some politicians believe that if the European Union intervenes in the tax systems of the Member States, the financing of the public sector of the Member States could be at risk. Even against this background, however, the European Union has exercised considerable influence in the area of direct taxation of Member States. Despite the fact that unanimity among the Member States is required to reach a Community decision in the area of direct taxation, it is now clear that the European Union has gained legal competence in the field. The adoption of pertinent directives is clear evidence of that. Of greater significance, however, is the increasing number of cases in which the European Court of Justice decides that specific elements of national tax legislation are in breach of fundamental freedoms provided for in the EC Treaty. This major new study analyses...
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