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Digital Content Annotation and Transcoding (Artech House Digital Audio and Video Library)

Автор: Katashi Nagao
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 260
ISBN: 158053337, 158053337X, 158053337X
Book DescriptionToday, as industry professionals are identifying and targeting distinct segments in broadcast and Web audiences, the challenge is to create digital content that can be tailored and personalized to reach these distinct and differing audience segments. Transcoding and annotation are the methods that more and more engineers in the industry are using to create this type of digital content. This leading-edge book provides the in-depth technical details of transcoding and annotation that you need to create accessible and reusable digital content capable of being tailored and personalized. Moreover, the book helps you manage, update, adapt, distribute and retrieve digital content. It explains the framework for transcoding, the creation and applications of annotation, and the latest details of semantic annotation and transcoding. This unique resource examines the roles metadata tagging, natural language processing, voice and video analysis, and multimedia summarization and...
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