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Dig it! Build it! Книжка-игрушка

Автор: Anita Ganeri
Год: 2012
Издание: Ladybird Books Ltd
Страниц: 8
ISBN: 9781409311898
Introduce preschool children to the happenings on a busy building site with "Ladybird's" "Dig it! Build it!" This informative big noisy book has eight different, realistic sounds that really bring the noises of a working building site to life. Follow Builder Ben as he and his team of jolly builders begin work on a new house. From clearing the site to digging foundations, laying walls, putting on the roof and fitting out the interiors, each different stage of building is clearly laid out, with additional labels that pick out interesting features or builders' equipment to talk about together, and a ladybird to spot on every page. Children will love pressing the colourful sound buttons to join in with the story and making the noises of a whirring drill, chugging digger, banging hammer, sloshing cement mixer and more! "Dig it! Build it!" is a fun and educational sound book for all young children interested in builders, diggers and what happens on a building site. Книга с...
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