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Developing Training Courses : A Technical Writer's Guide to Instructional Design and Development

Автор: Rives Hassell-Corbiell
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0970145403
The eight-step strategy presented in this book takes the mystery out of writing effective training courses. Practical templates, checklists, assessments, and examples streamline your effort and eliminate writer's block. You'll discover how to make the most of limited time, money, and human resources to: ?Develop training lessons that make a difference. ?Customize off-the-shelf training to meet the needs of your target audience. ?Repurpose existing documentation. ?Globalize your training for culturally diverse learners or tailor lessons to meet specific needs of a limited audience. ?Recognize dead-end paths that can undermine the success of your project. ?Incorporate ready-to-use CGI, Java, and HTML scripts into lessons. Learn when to use them, where to find download sites, and how to tailor them to your training objectives and learners. This systematic approach has helped thousands of writers like you create training programs...
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