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Developing Applications Using Outlook 2000, CDO, Exchange, and Visual Basic

Автор: Raffaele Piemonte, Scott Jamison
Год: 1999
Издание: Addison-Wesley Professional
Страниц: 592
ISBN: 0201615754, 9780201615753
Written for IT developers who build collaborative and workflow applications, this book provides a comprehensive reference to working with Microsoft's powerful collaborative development environment, including Outlook 2000, Exchange Server, and the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) Library. It demonstrates ways in which these technologies can be tied together into effective business solutions-from small-scale groupware to large-scale enterprise-wide systems. Developing Applications using Outlook 2000, CDO, Exchange, and Visual Basic offers an overview of the Microsoft collaborative landscape, and then examines each element of that environment in detail. Numerous examples showcase the applications made possible with these technologies and demonstrate VBScript coding techniques. You will find in-depth information on such important topics as: * properties, methods, and events available in Outlook 97, 98, and 2000 * the Outlook 2000 object model * working with Outlook 2000 mail,...
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