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Detecting the World: Capturing Physical Measurements With C++ (Data Acquisition on the PC)

Автор: David McCombs
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0879305592
* Build cost-effective data recording and analysis systems on the PC * Measure speed, temperature, force, pressure, voltage, amperage, and resistance Do you need to build a system that can capture and analyze real-world data including speed, temperature, force, pressure, voltage, amperage, or electrical resistance? If so, you will find this an essential guide to building, programming, and using accurate and cost-effective PC-based data acquisition systems. You'll find designs for: * electronic measurement probing with physical transducers and signal conditioning * converting analog to digital records * software techniques appropriate for collecting, compressing, storing, reducing, analyzing, and presenting measurements While there is no typical data acquisition system, McCombs has identified the basic concepts that occur in all systems. You'll learn about selecting power supplies, sensors, and transducers, and you can even develop a fully functional PC-based...
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