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Destined to Fly

Автор: Indigo Bloome
Год: 2013
Издание: HarperCollins Publishers Limited
Страниц: 336
ISBN: 9780007503803
Alexandra has returned to the world after her captivity and is left feeling a heady mix of emotions. Strangely empowered, her euphoria becomes tainted by fear, forcing her to acknowledge how the decisions of her past will now determine her future. Alexandra understands it is she alone who holds the key to the answers so desperately sought by both her lover. Jeremy Quinn, and her captors. In order to unlock the secrets within her, she embarks upon a quest to explore the long-forgotten sexual and spiritual nature of her ancestry and despite believing that she has experienced everything possible in her erotic adventures, she discovers that there is still so much more to learn. At last she will discover what freedom truly means and finally understand the real purpose of the role she was always destined to play.
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