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Destined to Feel

Автор: Indigo Bloome
Год: 2012
Издание: Harper
Страниц: 336
ISBN: 9780007503759
Psychologist Alexandra Blake has been awakened sexually by her lover, Jeremy Quinn. Their erotic journey has seen Alexandra explore her darkest sexual fantasies and pushed her boundaries to their very limit. Her world is plunged into uncertainty when she is abducted in London and Alexandra finds herself caught up in a dangerous game being played out in the shadows. Her captors want to use her to explore the darkest enigma of female sexuality and Alexandra is powerless to escape - but does she even want to? How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity and her desires. Is this a game too far, or is there still everything to play for? The next thrilling erotic adventure from the creator of Destined to Play.
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