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Dear Me

Автор: Peter Ustinov
Год: 1998
Издание: Arrow Books
Страниц: 408
ISBN: 9780099421726
Peter Ustinov had his first acting lessons from a parrot, spent much of his childhood as a motor car, and played his first stage role as a pig (when his performance was deemed "adequate"). Since then he has become the playwright, actor, author, designer, director, film star and entertainer par excellence so familiar to his world-wide public. He is also Sir Peter Ustinov Kt., CBE, Chancellor of Durham University, tireless worker and propagandist for UNICEF, and thoughtful, philosophical citizen of the world. Comic, controversial and full of anecdotes about the rich and famous, Peter Ustinov's autobiography reveals a courageous and exquisitely funny man, engaged in a lifelong search for truth
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