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Da Vinci Unit Study

Автор: Catherine McGrew Jaime
Год: 2010
Издание: CreateSpace
Страниц: 80
ISBN: 1453833323
This unit study book is a compilation of nine individual mini units I wrote as I taught a hands-on science class based on Leonardo da Vinci: Leonardo the Architect; Leonardo the Mathematics; Leonardo's Inventions; Leonardo's Horse; Leonardo the Military Advisor; Leonardo's Bridge(s); Leonardo and Flight; Leonardo and Nature Studies; and Leonardo and the Human Body. Many of the students had studied da Vinci before we did these classes, but several students were not familiar with him or his work when we started. This book can be used alone as introduction to da Vinci, or in conjunction with one or both of the other two books I've written on the topic: Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy and Da Vinci Student Book. There is no right or wrong way to use this study, but one method is to introduce one da Vinci related topic each class, and do these or other similar activities.
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