Теория уголовного права

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Cybercrime Investigation

Автор: Alaeldin Maghaireh
Год: 2010
Издание: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 364
ISBN: 9783838371177
There is a significant chasm between developing and developed countries in relation to their responses to cybercrime searches and seizures. Most law enforcement officers, judges, lawyers, and prosecutors in developing countries are not aware of the extent to which the digital world possibly impacts on search and seizure concepts or of their approach to computer searches. An effective response to cybercrime requires a two-pronged solution: criminalization and the existence of an effective and efficient investigative approach to cybercrime. This book, therefore, examines several major themes associated with cybercrime investigation confronted by law enforcement officers executing searches and seizures of computers. It concentrates on the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of traditional laws in coping with cybercrime investigations. It critically examines and compares the procedures of search and seizure of computers in Jordan, Australia and the USA. While this book is useful to anyone,...
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