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Crown Comics - Vol. 1 (B&W Edition): Triple-Sized: Complete Issues #1 - #4 - #8

Автор: Richard Buchko
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 142
ISBN: 1480236594
CROWN COMICS – VOL. 1 (B&W EDITION) TRIPLE-SIZED: ISSUES #1 - #4 - #8 The 1940s saw hundreds of comic book publishers come and go, with thousands of heroes and villains. For every name that is still remembered today there were a dozen forgotten, except maybe by a young boy or girl who will never forget that one comic, that one story. Such was the magic of the Golden Age of comics! Crown Comics was one of the smaller publications, but that makes this reprint all the more enjoyable, and and the more important. Now you can enjoy again – or, for the first time – the colorful characters, interesting plots and amazing adventures of decades past, with these public domain reprints. This book contains the full issues of Crown Comics #1 - #4 - #8, in an economical B&W edition! Be sure to check out all the great comic reprints from Calumet History and Hobby!
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