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Criminal Justice Research in Libraries and on the Internet

Автор: Bonnie R. Nelson
Год: 1997
Издание: Greenwood Press
Страниц: 304
ISBN: 0313300488
Professor Nelson has done an outstanding job of revising Lutzker and Ferrall's Criminal Justice Research in Libraries: Strategies and Resources (Greenwood, 1986) to reflect the changes in research methods that have occurred over the past 11 years. She skillfully integrates online, CD-ROM, and Web resources into the original organizational structure, so that the reader truly understands that what is important is the content, not the format, of the information. The first part of the research guide, "Before You Start," discusses scholarly communication and information flow, offers advice on how to develop a research plan, and explains the basics of bibliographic and Internet searching, including the use of Boolean logic. Students will find the discussion of the distinctions between primary and secondary sources and popular, scholarly, and professional literature particularly useful. Part 2, "Locating Information," devotes chapters to each of the following: the library catalog;...
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