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Creating Digital Music and Sound: An inspirational introduction for musicians, web designers, animators, videomakers, and game designers.

Автор: Chris Middleton
Год: 2006
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 176
ISBN: 0240808320
Write and record music. Learn studio techniques. Record location sound. Make your own podcasts and Internet radio shows. Add music and sound to videos, movies, and animations. Make music on your cellphone. 'Creating Digital Music and Sound' is an illustrated introduction to the creative challenges and techniques of making music and recording sound digitally, for anyone interested in making, sharing, or publishing music and sound across any media. From the basics of setting up a home studio and using a variety of software and hardware, to practical hints, tips, and creative strategies for adding soundtracks to videos, collaborating online in real time, and making and sharing podcasts and Internet radio shows, this unique book will instruct but also entertain and inspire. 'Creating Digital Music and Sound' also demystifies the technologies and features interviews with top musicians, studio engineers, filmmakers, DJs, Web designers, and videomakers. The...
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