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Create Macromedia Flash Movies In a Weekend

Автор: Julie Meloni, Mary Kelly Donahue, Dan Ransom
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ISBN: 0761528660
Flash software can enable you to create pulsing musical tracks, sound effects, gorgeous animations, and innovative interfaces for Web sites. With the saturation of the Internet into today?s culture, it is critical to have an eye-catching site to attract more hits. Create Flash 5 Movies In a Weekend is a learning tool that will show you how to do everything from downloading and installing Flash 5 trial software to creating interactive movies. The accompanying CD is filled with examples used in each of the book?s sessions, as well as clip art that you will learn to animate. Because of the step-by-step nature of instruction, this book will be a useful guide to novice Web developers. ItemID: 0761528660
Добавлено: 2013-10-22 15:56:23

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