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Covered & Kept

Автор: Author Karen R. Johnson
Год: 2011
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 380
ISBN: 1612155871
Karen Johnson has managed to convey her deepest fears, pain, faith and joy in this intimate and honest account of her journey in her walk with Christ... She holds nothing back, hoping the reader will gain an insight to what it means to be a true woman or man of God in spite of loss and tragedy. This book will take you from Karen's earliest experiences of her life up to the senseless and brutal murder of her late husband, Jon Johnson. You will undoubtedly learn, as she has, how God has always had his hands on her life assuring her she is, "Covered...& Kept." - F. Byrd As I read "Covered & Kept," my heart and head were glued to the story as if I was watching a movie. I think Karen has done an excellent job bringing honor to our heavenly Father. Blessed Be His Name, forever! - Angle Thomas "Oh, God, please tell me why?" This desperate cry rings out from the lips of two women from two distinct walks of life as their worlds are turned upside down. One was celebrating the 84th...
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