Отдельные виды преступлений

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Corruption Phenomenon as Incriminated by the Romanian Penal Code

Автор: Marcel Ion Rusu
Год: 2012
Издание: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 184
ISBN: 9783848494453
The order of social phenomenon could not be modified, simply influenced by proclaiming some law, decree, resolutions, etc. Without ignoring their importance, it should be nonetheless pointed out that normality in society greatly depends on the state power and individual morality. Corruption represents a menace to democracy, to the rule of law and to justice. Moreover, corruption undermines the principles of an efficient administration, harms the market economy and endangers the stability of the state’s institutions. The corruption phenomenon tends to be mostly associated with that of organized crime, terrorism and institutionalized violence, common to “subcultures” of violence and professionalized crime. Although it has been always known about the existence of corruption, it is unacceptable for this one to acquire a status of normality. This book contains five chapters, each divided in several sections and presents the legal institution of the offense under the Criminal Code in 2009...
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