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Cool Pools & Hot Tubs

Автор: Vinny Lee
Год: 2006
Издание: Page One Publishing Private
Страниц: 192
ISBN: 9812452907
The days of the predictable turquoise rectangle are well and truly in decline. From the latest eco pools that use plants to naturally filter the water to futuristic state-of-the-art stainless steel, twenty-first century swimming pools are aesthetic statements that are as much a part of the well-designed home as a spa bathroom or the ultimate kitchen - and they don't have to cost much more. Whether it's a streamlined lap pool that's an extension of a home gym or a sympathetically landscaped outdoor pool that nestles discreetly among the planting schemes in your back garden, a swimming pool can be an undeniable asset. A fitness centre in the basement, a party venue, or the ultimate water feature in your garden filled by a wall of cascading water - a pool can be all these things and more. Swimming pools and spas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis are not just for summer, they have year-round appeal and as well as being an attractive resource they are also therapeutic and beneficial - swimming...
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