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Contemporary Marketing and Consumer Behavior: An Anthropological Sourcebook

Автор: Editor John F. Sherry, Jr.
Год: 1995
Издание: Sage Publications
Страниц: 486
ISBN: 080395753, 080395753X, 080395753X
"Anyone concerned with understanding the consumer will find John Sherry's new book invaluable. In the last decade, the most important contributions to the meaning of products, brands, and advertising in consumers' lives have come from anthropology. John Sherry and the contributors to this volume have been in the forefront of that movement." Myra Stark, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising "This book is long overdue; anthropologists as consumer researchers have been a powerful underground force for the past 15 years of innovative marketing. Major companies, as well as government and private institutions, have looked to anthropologists to help when other research has failed. Sherry has collected outstanding anthropological practitioners in this volume, and they have written cutting-edge chapters on product symbolism, consumer culture, advertising efficacy, and international marketing." Steve Barnett, Managing Director, Global Business Network ...
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