Разработка и проектирование программ. CASE-технологии

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Computer-Supported Collaboration With Applications to Software Development (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 723)

Автор: Fadi P. Deek, James A. M. McHugh
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ISBN: 1402073852
With the development of networked computing and the increased complexity of applications and software systems development, the importance of computer-supported collaborative work [CSCW] has dramatically increased. Globalization has further accentuated the necessity of collaboration, while the Web has made geographically distributed collaborative systems technologically feasible in a manner that was impossible until recently. The software environments needed to support such distributed teams are referred to as Groupware. Groupware is intended to address the logistical, managerial, social, organizational and cognitive difficulties that arise in the application of distributed expertise. These issues represent the fundamental challenges to the next generation of process management. Computer-Supported Collaboration with Applications to Software Development reviews the theory of collaborative groups and the factors that affect collaboration, particularly collaborative software...
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