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Computational Partial Differential Equations

Автор: Hans P. Langtangen, Hans Petter Langtangen
Год: 2003
Издание: Springer
Страниц: 882
ISBN: 354043416, 354043416X, 354043416X
The target audience of this book is students and researchers in computational sciences who need to develop computer codes for solving partial differential equations. The exposition is focused on numerics and software related to mathematical models in solid and fluid mechanics. The book teaches finite element methods, and basic finite difference methods from a computational point of view. The main emphasis regards development of flexible computer programs, using the numerical library Diffpack. The application of Diffpack is explained in detail for problems including model equations in applied mathematics, heat transfer, elasticity, and viscous fluid flow. Diffpack is a modern software development environment based on C++ and object-oriented programming. The second edition contains several new applications and projects, improved explanations, correction of errors, and is up to date with Diffpack version 4.0.
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