UML. Проектирование программных комплексов, информационных систем

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Component-based Software Testing With Uml

Автор: Hans-Gerhard Gross
Год: [не указано]
Издание: [не указанo]
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ISBN: 354020864, 354020864X, 354020864X
The main subject of the book is the description of built-in contract testing a test organization for component-based applications founded on building test artifacts directly into components. It makes individual components more controllable and observable, and thus more testable through built-in testing interfaces. These provide extra functionality that is specifically geared towards facilitating testing. It also promotes the use of component testers in components that contain test cases for checking a component?s environment, this is its run-time environment as well as associated sub-components. Since building testing into components has implications with component development, built-in contract testing is integrated with and made to complement a model-driven development method. The book describes a method for developing the testing of components in parallel with their functionality based on models. It means UML models are used to derive the testing architecture for an application,...
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