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Complexity, Management and the Dynamics of Change: Challenges for Practice

Автор: Elizab McMillan
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 243
ISBN: 041541721, 041541721X, 041541721X
Complexity science refers to the study of adaptive systems, those that can absorb information, learn and then evolve in response to environmental changes. It is a model which charts the movement from chaos to order, and can be used to improve our understanding of how business organizations develop according to the cultural and economic pressures that they work within.Complexity, Management and the Dynamics of Change succeeds in making the main tenets of complexity science accessible to students of business and management. It illustrates how different kinds of organizations can become more effective, democratic and sustainable by using knowledge of complexity science principles. Understanding complexity can help managers cope more effectively with the waves of uncertainty and change that the twenty first century is sure to bring, and that these concepts are of more than metaphorical value to organizations.Using key case studies to illustrate the powerful applicability of these ideas,...
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