Цвета. Формы.

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Автор: Dawn Sirett
Год: 2011
Издание: Дорлинг Киндерсли
Страниц: 12
ISBN: 9781405362610
Teach your child about colours with this hands-on "My Little Carry Book". With lots of fun-filled pictures, your toddler will love learning about colours with this brand new "My Little Carry Book". Turn the pages with your child and watch as they develop language and reading skills. Every bright, bold page introduces a different coloured object with engaging rhyming words to read aloud. Your child will love the bright spotty handle that they can carry and pretend they have a bag, just like you! This is a great new series that your child can pick up and carry around, wherever they go. Книжка с вырубкой.
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