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Civil War in the American Workplace: None : How to Reduce Conflict at Work

Автор: Linda Rosene
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ISBN: 0595186904
Civil War In The American Workplace is a book that appeals to organization leaders, managers and employees. In Dr. Rosene’s extensive business consultations, she has identified employee work conflicts as the main reason employees do not perform up to their ability. Employee negativity adversely impacts organization ability to compete and survive the 21st century economic challenges. Adding to the worker negativity challenge, business leaders and professionals tend to be stymied by worker conflicts. The challenge facing business and professional leaders is they must find ways to understand the origins of employee conflict before they can unlock the keys to productive and positive employees. Leaders and business professionals applying correct motivators for their workers will create a willingness among their employee groups to become high producers. Civil War In The American Workplace is just the business tool for leaders and professionals, to...
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