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CIMA Exam Practice Kit Fundamentals of Business Mathematics: CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CIMA Certificate Level 2006)

Автор: Walter Allan
Год: 2006

Страниц: 168
ISBN: 0750680784
"CIMA Exam Practice Kits" consolidate learning by providing an extensive bank of practice questions. Each solution provides an in depth analysis of the correct answer and highlights why the alternatives are incorrect. "CIMA Exam Practice Kits" are ideal for students studying independently or attending a tutored revision course. It supplements the "Official CIMA Study Systems" and "CIMA Revision Cards" with a wealth of additional questions and material focused purely on applying what has been learnt to passing the exam. "CIMA Exam Practice Kits" help students prepare with confidence for exam day, and to pass the new 2006 syllabus first time. It includes exam standard multiple choice questions. It helps prepare to pass with extensive additional question practice. It is fully updated to reflect new 2006 syllabus. It provides worked answers to fully explain the correct answer, and analysis of incorrect answers helping CIMA students avoid common pitfalls.
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