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Chronicles of the Sithining, Volume I : Race Against Time

Автор: Michael W. Garza
Год: 2005
Издание: IUniverse
Страниц: 290
ISBN: 0595670776
Chronicles of the Sithining: Race Against Time is the first book in a fantasy series wrapped in some of the most fundamental emotions of life. The underlining theme follows a young man, Airious, dealing with his own shortcomings and self doubt as he tries to save his brother?s life. Airious finds himself becoming an unlikely hero, as a devastating disease called, the Sithining, forever changes his world. The story takes hold when Airious discovered that the Sithining is far from the local plague it is thought to be. The truth could not only change Airious? life forever but possibly the fate of the entire world. Airious is forced to embrace his hero?s role when he is chosen by a holy relic, the Blade of Light, asits first wielder in over three hundred years. With the help of a friend from the elven nation of Allenmore, Larulin, a female cleric, Elliese, and the trusted wise man, Alledar, this unlikely troop set off to save all the people of Preyll.
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