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Chords for Guitar

Автор: Gareth Evans
Год: 2014
Издание: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 88
ISBN: 9780992834319
Moveable guitar chord shapes based on the CAGED guitar system. Rather than presenting the same shapes as different chords when moved up or down the fret-board, Chords for Guitar is a reference of over 200 unique shapes for more chord types (just over 60) from the commonly used chords such as major, minor, sus2, sus4, add9 and 7th chords to further extended chords, altered chords and inversions, enabling you to find many more chords yourself and get a better understanding of the fret-board. The root note location within all of the guitar chords is clearly marked out enabling you to transpose its moveable shape up and down the fret-board. Each chord type has a question to make sure you're on track to being able to locate guitar chords yourself; shift the root note to its note name location (e.g. C, F#, G etc.) apply the chord shape, then check the answer at the back. Theory and chord construction are explained using piano keys for the simplicity of its linear layout of notes, then...
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