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China, The Sexiest Country On Earth: Blogs Of China Business & Life

Автор: Joseph Tong, T. M. Rosenthal
Год: 2004
Издание: Chinacircle
Страниц: 216
ISBN: 0976302012
Doing business with China requires understanding the Chinese. This book illustrates life and business lessons of China through personal blogs of Chinese. With MBA's from the #1 and #2 US business schools our intention is not to lose USD 42 million in the China Internet industry, but that is exactly what we do, earning an expensive 'school of hard knocks' education. Our blog contributors lift the veil of mystery shrouding China ...who you meet (students, secretaries and staff) ...startingfrom zero ...the wrong freedoms ...takeaways (top ten MBA rules to break, top ten business rules to follow, top ten China/USA contradictions, top ten China/USA similarities, top ten adjectives Chinese use to describe Americans). China will be 'on top of us [U.S.]' sooner than anyone expects. Similar to the 1980's economic 'invasion' by the Japanese, the impact of China's economic penetration will erupt unexpected, unforeseen and overnight.Download DescriptionDoing business with China requires...
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