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China: A History

Автор: John Keay
Год: 2009
Издание: Harper Press
Страниц: 632
ISBN: 9780007221783
Despite China's influence on the world stage, many of us are ignorant of the incredible history of this vast, complex country. Yet it is this rich past - of appalling loss, superhuman endeavour and unsuspected invention - that defines and explains the modern superpower. From Confucius to Mao, and from the dawn of legend through the succession of dynasties to the clamour of revolution and the slick capitalism of today John Keay offers a compelling account of the world's largest and least understood nation. Informed by the latest research, enlivened by anecdote and enriched by provocative comparisons, the narrative spans three thousand years of extraordinary achievement and covers every region of China - from the great urban centres to the remotest outposts. Authoritative, yet questioning, this is the definitive and indispensable account of a country set to play a major part in our future.
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