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Childbirth Instructor Magazine's Guide to Careers in Birth: How to Have a Fulfilling Job in Pregnancy, Labor, and Parenting Support without a Medical Degree

Автор: Suzanne B. Robotti, Margaret Ann Inman
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ISBN: 0471162302
The first comprehensive career guide for one of today's fastest-growing and most rewarding areas Each year more and more couples seek birth-related instruction and/or professional support before, during, and after pregnancy. There has been a burgeoning of new career opportunities in this field. Now, the information you need to pursue a challenging and rewarding career as a childbirth specialist—without a medical degree—has been assembled in one definitive resource drawing on the expertise of Childbirth Instructor Magazine. Whatever area intrigues you—Lamaze instructor, doula, labor companion, preconception counselor, or lactation consultant, among others—the answers to all your questions can be found in this complete career guide, including: Essential information on such vital issues as salary, benefits, and career paths for each position, working conditions, and employment opportunities in different locations and various healthcare...
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