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Chemtrails are above us (In color!): The story of the disclosure of hidden truths about the global crime of chemistry in the atmosphere

Автор: Franc Furland
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 80
ISBN: 1470121778
As I surmised, there were three men with ties in the second SUV U.S. officials on the talks, the three who have left in the third, the Italians, the trinity, which has withdrawn from the fifth, they were - Slovenes. All I immediately recognized, because I have seen on television a day, so I was not surprised. I was surprised only that they are strong people to the concepts of Slovenia, found themselves together, because you are not exactly the most loving - or just play for us, the audience. In addition to drivers was evident in every car with pudding in one security guard, the other three cars and even after three. When I watched this handshake between the leaders who decide whether or not we Slovenians died earlier than they would otherwise, I became increasingly ill and severely in the stomach...
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